Product Katowice. A walking guide to the southern city centre

Katowice. A walking guide to the southern city centre is a pocket-sized publication presenting the districts south of the railway tracks. The walking guide was created to bring residents and tourists' attention to a part of the city that is lacking in spectacular attractions, upscale investments and nightlife. Instead, Katowice's southern city centre is still full of spots that have not changed for decades.

25.06.2022 Lecture “Ethical Visualization Design” lecture and afterparty | Summerlab 2022

Join us for an afterparty after the Summerlab 2022 workshop series, starting the evening with Fabian Ehmel's (Studio NAND) lecture – "Ethical Visualization Design".

Research Exploring Bratislava’s parks – a study based on Instagram posts

Instagram posts can showcase the city highlights, uncover the aspirations of residents, and illustrate a variety of their activities in public spaces.