15.07.2016 Screening Hearts and Minds: The Interrogations Project

Hearts and Minds: The Interrogations Project is an interactive, immersive, and cinematic environment that draws users into the haunting memories of ordinary American soldiers who became torturers in the course of serving their country.

18-20.05.2016 Survey Heartbeat of the City: What are the perceptions of Katowice among the participants of the European Economic Congress?

What’s round the corner now that the coal days are over? What are your perceptions of Katowice today? We examine opinions on the changes in our city.

13.11.2015 Workshop Analogue Algorithms: a data drawing workshop

Data is the raw material from which a range of outputs such as data visualisation, information graphics, and data-driven artworks are created. However, this material is often dealt with digitally and rarely engaged with in a tangible, physical way. How would your approach and sensibility within a data project change if you started by working with charcoal and paper instead of code and screens?