25.10.2016 Meeting Lab-Chat

Are you interested in exploring culture within Shared Cities, but you cannot keep track of our activities? No worries. Every month, Medialab will be joined by well-known expert for a chat over a cup of coffee to discuss the project’s progress and findings so far.

10.10.2016 Workshop How to study audiences of cultural events

How to find out who the audiences of cultural institutions actually are? How to get to know local cultural consumers and understand their needs? We will use the example of a research carried out by Medialab , to show you the methods and and tools used in research into cultural event audiences.

23.09.2016 Meeting “public preposition” – intervention, irritation, interaction

The event marking the launch of a publication to sum up the "public preposition" project by Mischa Kuball (in discussion with Bogna Świątkowska).