11-13.10.2019 Workshop Medialab Camp: all the great ideas I have never made reality

Let's discover the home of Katowice: City of Gardens! The multitude of halls and corridors, the concert hall – all its nooks and crannies... What is their potential? What stories do these old walls tell? It's time to put a glass against the wall, listen to those tales of old and realise the project you've always dreamt of! Come and join us for a workshop at the crossroads of space, interaction and history.

21.07.2024-30.04.2019 Project Medialab Katowice microgrants

Medialab microgrants is a support programme for young people experimenting with digital technologies. The competition is open to initiatives of various nature, including artistic and educational projects, as well as experimental activities, such as digital applications and services, workshops, studies, etc..

13.06.2019 Workshop Introduction to machine learning for complete newbies

...or what’s up in the data world? Machine learning, neural networks or artificial intelligence are increasingly popular slogans. What do they mean in practice and why should they be looked at in more detail? We are living in times when the number of generated data is growing exponentially, while more and more companies claim to have developed yet another revolutionary self-learning algorithm. Does this really mean that we on the verge of a breakthrough in artificial intelligence, though?

31.07.2019 Research Audience studies in cultural centres

We are currently conducting research into the audiences of Katowice’s cultural centres, which aim to learn more about their visitors and understand their needs and expectations.

16.03.2019 Workgroup Getting started with Arduino | as part of Arduino & Raspberry Pi Day

It’s time to celebrate! We invite you to take advantage of our workshop as part of the Arduino & Raspberry Pi Day 2019, organised in collaboration with blogger Home Engineer. The workshop will focus on prototyping, experimenting, giving participants a hands-on taste of the topic, providing some valuable sources of knowledge, and, last but not least, having good fun.

18-20.05.2016 Survey Heartbeat of the City: What are the perceptions of Katowice among the participants of the European Economic Congress?

What’s round the corner now that the coal days are over? What are your perceptions of Katowice today? We examine opinions on the changes in our city.

14-15.12.2016 Workshop What Facebook knows about culture: a study of social media

Our Facebook data analysis workshop, sets out to examine the content published on institutional Facebook pages and the interactions and behaviours of people interested in Katowice culture.

12.12.2016 Workshop Network visualisation and Internet data acquisition

The workshop designed to provide both theoretical and hands-on experience of the new network science and rules for using network visualisation for the analysis of large data resources.

13-15.11.2015 Festival art+bits festival

art+bits is an international festival presenting phenomena bordering on art, design and technology. The event brings together developers and researchers working in the fields of new media, network operations and technological experiments. The festival’s participants are encouraged to attend exhibitions, workshops, lectures and audio-visual presentations.

19-21.03.2015 Conference Rediscovering the City: New methods of researching and exploring the city

Rediscovering the City conference serves to present different ways to study, describe, explore, discover and reclaim the city.

19.03-08.05.2015 Exhibition Appetite for Radical Change. Katowice 1865–2015

The exhibition is the result of a Medialab Katowice educational and research project which consisted of several lectures and workshops. It refers to the activities of the Isotype Institute and the universal visual language created in Vienna in the 1920s. The exhibition is devoid of the traditional historical narrative, which usually puts the focus on important historical figures, political events or wars. Instead, it uses diagrams, maps and data visualisations to illustrate the rapid transformations of Katowice.