Making the old new – hacking cultural heritage






Rui Guerra, André Gonçalves


Rui Guerra


Rui Guerra is co-founder of INTK, a creative studio specialised in developing online strategies for cultural organisations. He is involved in open culture with a critical view on communities. Being a critical open cultures advocate, Rui Guerra has developed a number of models, self-organising principles and strategies for shifting culture online, and what to do with it once it’s there. His work questions and challenges the norms and hierarchies of ‘high-end’ cultural institutions and suggests that the time has come to reflect the true economic and political value of online culture within governmental policy. Rui presents regularly at international conferences, most recently at Culture 2.0 (Warsaw, Poland), ARCO Fair (Madrid, Spain), Museums and the Web (San Diego, USA), Digital Strategies for Cultural Heritage (Rotterdam, the Netherlands), Public Interfaces (Aarhus. Denmark) and the Association of Art Museum Curators’s conference (New York, USA).

André Gonçalves

Informatics Engineering student at University of Coimbra

André is an Informatics Engineering student at University of Coimbra, Portugal and currently he leads the Software Engineering team at INESC. Together with INTK, André created an interactive ‘Google Streatview’ that allows visitors to interact with maps from 18 century and see illustration from Amsterdam as if they were Streetview images. André is enthusiastic about the web and promotes open source and open data in general.