14.11.2015 Seminar Cultural analytics. Deconstructing selfiecity

What can we learn about a complex cultural phenomenon by using metadata visualization, image analysis and cultural analytics? Moritz Stefaner will talk participants through the concept and work process behind the selfiecity. project.

13.11.2015 Workshop Analogue Algorithms: a data drawing workshop

Data is the raw material from which a range of outputs such as data visualisation, information graphics, and data-driven artworks are created. However, this material is often dealt with digitally and rarely engaged with in a tangible, physical way. How would your approach and sensibility within a data project change if you started by working with charcoal and paper instead of code and screens?

23-25.10.2015 Workshop Air pollution: data-journalism to the rescue

Trying to research the issue of air pollution in Katowice, we will use data to show different angles of the story and produce a full-fledged piece of datajournalism. Split into groups of 3 or 4, participants will tackle a specific aspect of the story, using one or two datajournalism techniques. Finally, after putting all the pieces together, we hope to obtain the big picture.